KingsBox – Functional Equipment


Founded in 2015, KingsBox had only one objective– to provide high quality functional training equipment and accessories at bargain prices to gyms as well as private individuals.

From the beginning, the idea was to form a company, that is, a family of athletes and fans of functional sports and training. We therefore want to offer, in addition to the tools, the possibility of joining a family in which information travels free of charge among members, so that you can grow not only the muscle mass, but also your experience and knowledge of the matter. KingsBox therefore wants to become a centre of information, progress and profits, offering you an opportunity not to be missed!

Our equipment is cheaper than that of our competitors and the quality is also better. Innovative production processes, good customer relations and the desire to continue along the path we have set ourselves, allow us to offer high quality and low prices. This is our greatest advantage!!

We are very proud to be able to carry the brand “Made in Europe”, as well as “Designed in Europe”, because we believe in the excellence and quality of materials and workmanship in our territory. Our products are designed, manufactured and tested in Europe. We guarantee high quality products that are suitable for professional training as well as for beginners.

KingsBox wants to be much more than just a brand and a shop; KingsBox wants to be a family! If you train at home or in the gym with KingsBox’s products and tell us your experience on social media, or on our website, you will have the opportunity to get further discounts and promotions. Help us all get to know the quality of KingsBox!

Don’t forget to take a look at our Royal Family Club, so you can keep up to date with the club’s promotions and benefits. You can also connect with all the other members of our community and share your thoughts with them, as well as proposals, fresh and new ideas.

What do we offer in exchange for your loyalty?

 The customer is always in first place

We are here to offer you 24/7 support. We will answer any questions you may have and we will help you to solve any problems that may arise on your way. All our products are guaranteed and you can replace them if you no longer like them!

 Royal Familiy Club

With the purchase of KingsBox products, you have the opportunity to join our Royal Family Club, with which you will gain the opportunity to promote your gym on our website and on all our social channels for free. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with our KingsBlog where our coaches share their opinions, training sessions and the latest developments in the world of functional training. You can thus learn and grow for free, by also taking advantage of the prices reserved for you – prices we offer to all the members of our club!

 Manufactured and designed in Europe

Most of our products are designed by our technicians, then overhauled by designers and produced by local craftsmen.

Tested products

All our products are periodically and repeatedly tested first by our technical staff and then by our best athletes and coaches. The product is only placed on the market, when everyone considers it to be suitable.

 Certified products

All our products are accompanied by quality certificates. All gyms should be equipped with this documentation to guarantee their customers safety when using them and to take away the thought of possible legal nuisances.

 Service speed

From the time of the order to the shipping time, it usually takes less than 24 hours and delivery is then made within 24-48 hours!

Now that you know everything about us, we will be happy to have some information about you!

Now we would like to know something about yourself!